Eric is a dedicated cinematographer and filmmaker. After receiving his degree in filmmaking from Savannah College of Art and Design, he moved to Atlanta to pursue his dreams of working with quality filmmakers to make rememberable films.

Eric has been in the film industry working professionally as a set lighting technician. With three feature films and over a dozen shorts, he intends to carry the craft of lighting and composition into contemporary filmmaking.


From a young age, Leon has been in love with filmmaking. He has worked as a set lighting technician in film and television. Currently living in Atlanta his works include Wonder Lust, X-Men First Class, The Collector, Halt and Catch Fire, Den of Thieves, and the Accountant to name a few.

As a producer on The Nothing, Leon's experience of professional filmmaking brought the film into a higher tier of production value and narrative filmmaking.

Clayton Thompson is a passionate storyteller and screenwriter that has been perfecting his craft for the last ten years.  He has completed a total of eight feature-length scripts with several more projects in development.  He graduated from Georgia State University in 2010 with a degree in creative writing and film.


On top of his love for storytelling, Clayton has been working in the film industry for the last seven years, during which he was inducted into the Directors Guild of America in 2015, and worked on many projects including Baby Driver, The Avengers: Infinity War, Stranger Things, and the Walking Dead.