Clayton Thompson, a recent college graduate, decides to self document the process of writing his first story. Without any context, he throws his girlfriend, Makaila, and best friend, Hunter, into a series of unexplained interviews. He admits he spent his entire savings on the camera equipment plans to disappear into the North Georgia Mountains for five days. Ignoring the advice of his friends and family, he's driven by Makaila to an unmarked forest and abandoned. He's alone, with minimal supplies, and left with no way to communicate to the outside world. 


     As the first days pass, Clayton realizes that his loneliness is overcoming his ability to write. He isn't able to discern the difference between his obsessive fear or the strange sounds he hears at night. Becoming paranoid, he turns to the camera as a way to comfort himself. 


     The deeper he sinks into loneliness, the more the sounds seem to circle him closer and closer. Which begs the question, is something more sinister feeding his fear? In the middle of the night, Clayton takes a final stand against the sounds and decides to storm into woods to discover the source. What Clayton finds out in the nothing begins his decent into the breaking point of loneliness.